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WarGreymon enters battle with the power of an ACE! WarGreymon enters battle with the power of an ACE!

The deck includes tons of other great support cards! The deck includes tons of other great support cards!

    Dragon of Courage Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        ST15-012WarGreymon ACE
        This WarGreymon is a new type of Digimon card―Digimon ACE―and has a new mechanic called Blast Digivolve! Despite being a Lv.6 Mega, it has a hyper-efficient play cost of 6, making it easy to get into play. Blast Digivolve lets you digivolve into it for free in response to an opponent’s attack, shutting down their offense on the spot! It also has an effect that unsuspends it when you lose a security card, making it effective on both offense and defense!
      • CARD
        ST15-016Trident Arm
        This powerful Option card has De-Digivolve to weaken your opponent’s Digimon, and a forced attack effect to synergize with Blast Digivolve. Digivolve one of your Digimon into [ST15-012 WarGreymon ACE] or [ST15-013 HiAndromon], then use this Option card to De-Digivolve an opponent’s Digimon down to Rookie or Champion and force it into an unwinnable fight!
    • These cards make great additions!
      • CARD
      • CARD
      • CARD
    • 参考デッキレシピ
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST15-001 Koromon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST15-002 Agumon 2
      ST15-003 ClearAgumon 4
      ST15-004 Solarmon 4
      ST15-005 ToyAgumon 4
      ST15-006 Mekanorimon 4
      ST15-007 Tankmon 4
      ST15-008 Greymon 2
      ST15-009 Knightmon 4
      ST15-010 Andromon 4
      ST15-011 MetalGreymon 2
      ST15-012 WarGreymon ACE 2
      ST15-013 HiAndromon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST15-014 Tai Kamiya 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST15-015 Breakthrough of Courage 2
      ST15-016 Trident Arm 4
    • Deck Strategy
    • In the early game, use [ST15-004 Solarmon]’s on play effect to add [ST15-014 Tai Kamiya] to your hand, then play it and use [ST15-007 Tankmon]’s <Jamming> to attack and whittle away your opponent’s security cards! Once you have a Lv.5 Digimon in your battle area, you’re ready to Blast Digivolve. As soon as your opponent attacks, that’s your cue to Blast Digivolve [ST15-012 WarGreymon ACE] into play! If your opponent doesn’t attack, use [ST15-016 Trident Arm] to force your opponent to attack, then [Blast Digivolve] in response.You can activate [ST15-014 Tai Kamiya]’s effect to help make your Digimon more effective when blocking. Also worthy of notice is [ST15-008 Greymon], which has a powerful security effect that can play an [Agumon] or [Tai Kamiya] card from your hand or trash for free. After digivolving to Lv.6, use [ST15-011 MetalGreymon]’s inherited effect to its full potential to take out your opponent’s security cards and win the game!

Includes Agumon and Tai Kamiya from Digimon Adventure! Includes Agumon and Tai Kamiya from Digimon Adventure!

Here’s what’s in the set! Here’s what’s in the set!

Low-pull rate Alt-Art cards! Low-pull rate Alt-Art cards!

  • Release date
    October 13, 2023
  • 1 deck
    MSRP: 15.99 USD
  • Card types
    16 types
  • Rarity
    • ・Common: 6 types
    • ・Uncommon: 5 types
    • ・Rare: 3 types
    • ・Secret Rare: 2 types
  • Contents
    • ・Starter Deck
      (1 set of 54 cards)
    • ・2 memory gauges
    • ・1 special playmat
    • ・4 Index Card
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