Introducing 7 must-see points!!

[MegaGargomon] is here with the power of ACE! [MegaGargomon] is here with the power of ACE!

[Terriermon] & [Lopmon]'s digivolutions get power ups! [Terriermon] & [Lopmon]'s digivolutions get power ups!

Loads of premium bonuses! Loads of premium bonuses!

8 reprint card types are included for additional deck power-ups! 8 reprint card types are included for additional deck power-ups!

2 copies of an all-new [Magnamon] card is included! 2 copies of an all-new [Magnamon] card is included!

    Double Typhoon Deck
    • Main Card
      • CARD
        The tiny whirlwind Terriermon gets an SR card. It has an effect that can be freely activated during your main phase. By using this effect, you’ll be able to reduce the play cost of a green Tamer or Lopmon, giving you more opportunities to play them. This level 3 Digimon is perfect for quickly playing essential cards in the opening turns or latter half of the game!
      • CARD
        ST17-08MegaGargomon ACE
        This ultra-strong ACE card lets you digivolve from a Digimon with [Rapidmon] in its name, and will allow you to set up a <Blast Digivolve> from cards with different levels (4 and 5). When the [When Digivolving] effect is combined with an older card’s suspend-prevention effect, it will prevent digivolutions and become even more effective at weakening your opponent’s Digimon. Plus, its [When Digivolving]/[End of Attack] effect allows this card itself to unsuspend, making it a great card for all-purpose offensive and defensive strategies when combined with <Blocker> and <Reboot>.
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST17-01 Gummymon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST17-02 Terriermon 4
      ST17-03 Lopmon 4
      EX4-032 Terriermon 4
      EX4-034 Lopmon 2
      ST17-04 Wendigomon 4
      ST17-05 Gargomon 4
      ST17-06 Rapidmon 4
      ST17-07 Rapidmon 4
      ST17-08 MegaGargomon ACE 4
      ST17-09 Cherubimon 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST17-10 Henry Wong 4
      BT8-091 Willis 2
      EX2-061 Henry Wong 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST17-11 Double Typhoon 4
      ST17-12 Giant Missile 2
    • Deck Strategy
    • First get your field ready by using [ST17-02 Terriermon] to prepare a Tamer or using [ST17-11 Double Typhoon] to increase your Digimon in the battle area. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to attack with level 4 Digimon such as [ST17-05 Gargomon] (which can gain <Jamming>) and [ST17-06 Rapidmon] (which can decrease the DP of your opponent’s Digimon and Security Digimon), so be sure to use them whenever you can. Also, be sure to take advantage of [ST17-03 Lopmon]’s ability to give Digimon <Alliance>, as this will allow you to use effects when your cards are suspended and quickly reduce your opponent’s security stack. One your attacks are successful, it’ll be time to play your ACE Digimon! [ST17-08 MegaGargomon] can <Blast Digivolve> from either a level 4 or a level 5 Rapidmon, giving you the ability to defend against various attack methods. If you digivolve from [ST17-07 Rapidmon], you’ll have a greater ability to control the field and make attacks. Since this deck has stability at any level, you can set up the field with strong abilities to blow away your opponent!

    • Additional recommended cards
      • CARD
      • This is a level 4 Rapidmon from the 8th booster pack, New Awakening. Naturally, this Digimon can also digivolve into [ST17-08 MegaGargomon ACE].By using [ST17-02 Terriermon] to its full potential, you can place multiple green Tamers and power up this card’s [When Digivolving] effect. A reprint of this Rapidmon is also included in this deck, so you can put it to use right away.

A shining gold finish [Rapidmon] card is included at low pull rates! A shining gold finish [Rapidmon] card is included at low pull rates!

  • Release date
    March 8, 2024
  • 1 deck
    MSRP: 29.99 USD
  • Card types
    17 types in total+9 types
  • Rarity
    • ・Common: 4 types
    • ・Uncommon: 3 types
    • ・Rare: 6 types
    • ・Super Rare: 4 types
    • ・Bonus Reprint Card: 9 types
  • Contents
    • ・Pre-Constructed Deck x1
      (54 cards)
    • ・Playsheet x1
    • ・Sleeve x60
    • ・Memory Gauge x2
    • ・Side Card x10
    • ・Bonus Pack x1
  • *Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.
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