Introducing 5 Main Points!
POINT1 Subspecies Digimon!
POINT2 DNA Digivolution Omnimon!!
POINT3 Combine the powers of Digimon using the new Alliance!!
    Omnimon Alter-S Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        EX4-060Omnimon Alter-S
        A powerful When Digivolving effect includes two types of card removals!
        You can even play [BlitzGreymon] and [CresGarurumon] from the digivolution cards when this card leaves the battle area, allowing you to DNA digivolve again!
      • CARD
        EX4-073Omnimon Alter-B
        After digivolving from a DNA digivolved [EX4-060 Omnimon Alter-S], you can unleash the full power of this card’s When Attacking effect!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        EX4-038 Agumon
      • CARD
        EX4-039 Gabumon
      • CARD
        EX4-066 Adze Beast Blade and
        Shining Dragon Bullet
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT11-005 Koromon 1
      EX4-003 Tsunomon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT12-059 Agumon 4
      BT12-062 Greymon 2
      EX4-038 Agumon 4
      EX4-039 Gabumon 4
      EX4-043 Greymon 4
      EX4-044 Greymon 4
      EX4-045 MetalGreymon 4
      EX4-046 WereGarurumon 4
      EX4-049 CresGarurumon 4
      EX4-051 BlitzGreymon 4
      EX4-060 Omnimon Alter-S 3
      EX4-073 Omnimon Alter-B 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT5-092 Nokia Shiramine 2
      EX4-061 Matt Ishida & Tai Kamiya 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      EX4-066 Adze Beast Blade and Shining Dragon Bullet 1
    • Deck Strategy
    • At the start of the game, play cards like [EX4-038 Agumon] and [EX4-039 Gabumon] to prepare the cards necessary for 2 digivolutions in a row.
      If you can play [EX4-061 Matt Ishida & Tai Kamiya], your preparations will be complete.
      Make sure you get the digivolution order right, as [Greymon] and [Garurumon] can also be used for digivolution.
      Once you also have [EX4-049 CresGarurumon] and [EX4-051 BlitzGreymon], you can DNA digivolve into [EX4-060 Omnimon Alter-S] and gain total control of the field!
      After DNA digivolving into [EX4-060 Omnimon Alter-S], digivolve into [EX4-073 Omnimon Alter-B] to unleash powerful effects!
      Double digivolve [Agumon] and [Gabumon] to get two [Omnimon] cards and win the game!

    Alliance Lopmon & Terriermon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        The End of Your Turn effect allows 2 of your Digimon to inherit <Blocker> and <Reboot>!
        Plus, you can use an unsuspending effect during either you or your opponent’s turn, giving you the edge in both offense and defense!
      • CARD
        EX4-063Henry Wong &
        Shu-Chong Wong
        This card allows you to play [Terriermon] or [Lopmon] at the start of your main phase, giving you the ability to immediately activate <Alliance>! You can also reduce the digivolution costs of Digimon with [Terriermon] and [Lopmon] in their digivolution cards.
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        EX4-032 Terriermon
      • CARD
        EX4-034 Lopmon
      • CARD
        EX4-033 Terriermon Assistant
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT11-004 Tanemon 1
      EX4-002 Kokomon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      EX4-025 Turuiemon 4
      EX4-029 Antylamon 2
      EX4-031 Cherubimon 2
      EX4-032 Terriermon 4
      EX4-033 Terriermon Assistant 4
      EX4-034 Lopmon 4
      EX4-035 BlackGargomon 4
      EX4-036 BlackRapidmon 3
      EX4-037 BlackMegaGargomon 3
      EX4-054 Wendigomon 4
      EX4-057 Antylamon 3
      EX4-059 Cherubimon 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT11-091 Taiga 3
      EX4-063 Henry Wong & Shu-Chong Wong 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      EX4-068 Heaven's Judgement 2
      EX4-070 Tarnished Hero 2
    • Deck Strategy
    • In the opening turns, try to breed a Digimon that has <Alliance> while trying to play [EX4-063 Henry Wong & Shu-Chong Wong].
      Once you’re ready to activate <Alliance>, start attacking!
      If you have [EX4-032 Terriermon], [EX4-033 Terriermon Assistant], or [EX4-034 Lopmon] in digivolution cards, you can activate <Alliance> while speeding up digivolution!
      Use <Alliance> and the reduced digivolution costs to quickly digivolve into a level 6 Digimon and achieve victory!

    Ravemon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        This card has Jamming, allowing you to safely make Security checks.
        By deleting this Digimon at the end of an attack, it can lie in wait and then be played again at the end of your opponent’s turn!
        A powerful On Deletion effect also gives you multiple chances to remove cards from your opponent’s hand and Security stack.
      • CARD
        This Option card allows you to delete an opponent’s Digimon by deleting your own Digimon.
        If your deleted Digimon has [Ravemon] in its name, you can play [Ravemon] again at the end of your opponent’s next turn!
        Use in combination with [EX4-058 Ravemon]’s On Deletion effect for maximum efficiency!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        EX4-053 Falcomon
      • CARD
        EX4-055 Peckmon
      • CARD
        EX4-056 Crowmon
      • CARD
        EX4-064 Keenan Crier
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      EX4-004 Pinamon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT2-069 Gabumon 4
      BT3-079 Tsukaimon 4
      BT3-080 Saberdramon 2
      BT3-081 Devidramon 4
      BT4-083 Cerberusmon 2
      BT4-086 Cerberusmon: Werewolf Mode 2
      BT10-083 Minervamon 2
      EX4-053 Falcomon 4
      EX4-055 Peckmon 4
      EX4-056 Crowmon 4
      EX4-058 Ravemon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST6-14 Matt Ishida 4
      EX1-066 Analog Youth 2
      EX4-064 Keenan Crier 3
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT5-107 Revive From the Darkness! 1
      BT7-107 Calling From the Darkness 1
      EX4-071 Ame-no-Ohabari 3
    • Deck Strategy
    • Start out by aiming for a digivolution into [EX4-056 Crowmon] while playing a purple Tamer.
      This set’s new [EX4-064 Keenan Crier] has great synergy with other cards in this deck!
      Once you have a purple Tamer and [EX4-056 Crowmon], start attacking.
      If you have [EX4-053 Falcomon] and [EX4-055 Peckmon] in digivolution cards, use them together with [EX4-058 Ravemon] to trash multiple cards from your opponent’s hand!
      Make sure to use [EX4-058 Ravemon]’s On Deletion effect to its full potential and learn how to protect your own cards from being removed so you can defeat your opponents!

    GreyKnightsmon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        This DigiXros card has powerful defensive abilities and allows you to play cards upon deletion!
        You can de-digivolve an opponent’s Digimon and then suppress their level 4 and lower Digimon by preventing them from attacking until the end of their turn!
      • CARD
        EX4-062Kiriha Aonuma &
        Nene Amano
        A Tamer card featuring two noble Tamers!
        This card allows you to use cards from under your Tamers or trash when DigiXrosing with Blue Flare and Twilight Digimon!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        EX4-016 Greymon
      • CARD
        EX4-041 Deadly
      • CARD
        EX4-020 Metal
      • CARD
        EX4-047 Dark
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      EX4-001 Missimon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT10-018 Gaossmon 4
      BT10-019 Greymon 2
      BT10-021 MailBirdramon 2
      BT10-024 MetalGreymon 2
      BT10-061 SkullKnightmon: Mighty Axe Mode 2
      BT10-066 DarkKnightmon 3
      BT11-030 MetalGreymon + Cyber Launcher 2
      EX4-014 Gaossmon 4
      EX4-016 Greymon 2
      EX4-018 MailBirdramon 2
      EX4-020 MetalGreymon 4
      EX4-021 GreyKnightsmon 4
      EX4-040 SkullKnightmon 4
      EX4-041 DeadlyAxemon 2
      EX4-047 DarkKnightmon 3
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT10-088 Kiriha Aonuma 1
      BT10-092 Nene Amano 2
      EX4-062 Kiriha Aonuma & Nene Amano 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT10-097 Blazing Memory Boost! 1
    • Deck Strategy
    • First play level 4 cards such as [EX4-016 Greymon] and [EX4-041 DeadlyAxemon] and get ready for a DigiXros. Once preparations are complete, DigiXros [EX4-021 GreyKnightsmon]!
      Use its powerful defensive abilities to dominate battles!
      If [EX4-021 GreyKnightsmon] is removed, you can play MetalGreymon and DarkKnightmon in its place!
      If you split into [EX4-020 MetalGreymon] and [EX4-047 DarkKnightmon] and then DigiXros, you can use effects to trash a level 3 Digimon card in your opponent’s digivolution cards, de-digivolve an opponent’s Digimon to level 2, and trash one of their cards!

POINT5 Luxurious Box topper!!
POINT6 Inclusion of an English version only card!
  • Release date
    June 23, 2023
  • 1 pack
    MSRP: 4.49 USD
  • Card types
    74 types
  • Contents
    • ・1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards.
    • ・1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.
  • Rarity
    • ・Common: 24 types
    • ・Uncommon: 20 types
    • ・Rare: 18 types
    • ・Super Rare: 10 types
    • ・Secret Rare: 2 types
    • *18 Alt-Art included in this product.
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  • *Prices are manufacturer's suggested retail prices.

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