Introducing 5 Main Points!
Introducing 5 Main Points!
    Gammamon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        Activate a powerful deletion effect while using this card‘s When Digivolving effect to add Digimon cards with [Gammamon] in their text to its digivolution cards!
        You can increase your deletion range by placing [Gammamon] cards which can increase DP with inherited effects.
        This card’s Your Turn effect is an effect that can unsuspend this Digimon when one of your opponent's Digimon is deleted.
        Use in combination with inherited effects for effective consecutive attacks!
      • CARD
        RB1-032Hiro Amanokawa
        This card's Start of Your Main Phase effect allows you to gain 1 memory and <Draw 1> while allowing you to place a Digimon card with [Gammamon] into your digivolution cards!
        This set's [Canoweissmon], [Fumamon], [Ghilliedhumon], and [Regulusmon] all have powerful effects that can gain effects from a digivolution card with [Gammamon] in its name, so be sure to place a card with [Gammamon] accordingly to get the effect you want.
        This Tamer's DP +2000 in its Your Turn effect also has excellent affinity with [RB1-010 Siriusmon]!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        RB1-005 Gammamon

      • CARD
        RB1-008 BetelGammamon
      • CARD
        RB1-009 Canoweissmon
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      RB1-001 Gurimon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT8-008 Gammamon 4
      RB1-005 Gammamon 4
      P-059 Gammamon 4
      BT8-013 BetelGammamon 2
      BT10-050 WezenGammamon 2
      BT10-078 GulusGammamon 2
      RB1-008 BetelGammamon 2
      RB1-012 KausGammamon 2
      RB1-021 WezenGammamon 2
      RB1-029 GulusGammamon 2
      RB1-009 Canoweissmon 2
      RB1-015 Fumamon 2
      RB1-023 Ghilliedhumon 2
      RB1-030 Regulusmon 2
      RB1-010 Siriusmon 3
      RB1-031 Arcturusmon 3
      RB1-036 Proximamon 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT8-086 Hiro Amanokawa 2
      RB1-032 Hiro Amanokawa 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT10-094 Breaclaw 2
    • Deck Strategy
    • Start out by trying to play [Hiro Amanokawa] while breeding [Gammamon].
      [RB1-005 Gammamon] is great for getting these cards ready as it allows you to add 1 [Hiro Amanokawa] and 1 card with [Gammamon] when you play it!
      Just combine the above strategies with [RB1-008 BetelGammamon]'s When Digivolving effect, and you'll soon be ready to take on your opponent!
      In the middle of the game, you can use the respective color traits of [RB1-015 Fumamon], [RB1-023 Ghilliedhumon], and [RB1-030 Regulusmon] to respond to various circumstances.
      In addition, [RB1-009 Canoweissmon] has an effect that allows it to immediately digivolve from [Gammamon].
      You'll be able to recover no matter how many times your cards are defeated!
      Towards the end of the game, use level 6 [RB1-010 Siriusmon] and [RB1-031 Arcturusmon] to control your opponent's field, then use repeated deletions and card plays with level 7 [RB1-036 Proximamon] to dominate your opponent and come out victorious!

    Jellymon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        Use this card's When Digivolving/When Attacking effect to bounce your opponent's Digimon with no digivolution cards to the bottom of their deck while trashing their Digimon's digivolution cards. This card also has an effect that protects your blue Digimon from deletion!
      • CARD
        RB1-033Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai
        You can draw 1 card if you suspend this Tamer when your Digimon with [Jellymon] attacks or when your opponent's level 5 or higher Digimon attacks. You also gain 1 memory when this Tamer unsuspends!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        RB1-011 Jellymon
      • CARD
        RB1-013 TeslaJellymon
      • CARD
        RB1-014 Thetismon
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      RB1-002 Puyoyomon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT9-021 Jellymon 4
      RB1-011 Jellymon 4
      P-061 Jellymon 4
      BT9-025 TeslaJellymon 4
      BT11-027 Veedramon 2
      RB1-013 TeslaJellymon 4
      BT10-023 Thetismon 4
      RB1-014 Thetismon 4
      RB1-016 Amphimon 4
      P-089 Amphimon 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT9-086 Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai 2
      RB1-033 Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai 4
      P-064 Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai 2
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT9-096 Startling Thunder 2
      P-036 Blue Memory Boost! 4
    • Deck Strategy
    • When starting out, use [RB1-011 Jellymon] to search for a digivolution line and Tamers! Use [RB1-013 TeslaJellymon]'s effects to play [RB1-033 Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai] or [P-064 Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai] and get ready to attack! Make consecutive attacks with [BT9-025 TeslaJellymon] or [BT10-023 Thetismon] and use [RB1-014 Thetismon]'s When Digivolving effect to trash cards from your hand. Then you can return cards with [Jellymon] from your trash to the bottom of your deck, allowing you to use [RB1-014 Thetismon]'s inherited effect and [RB1-016 Amphimon]'s deletion-preventing effect to increase your offensive abilities!

    Angoramon Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        This card's When Digivolving and When Attacking effects allow you to suspend your opponent's Digimon, and you can also gain 1 memory if the conditions are met.
        This Digimon also has an effect that allows you to attack your opponent's Digimon at the end of the turn, allowing you to defeat the suspended Digimon even if the memory counter goes to 1 on opponent's side!
      • CARD
        RB1-034Ruli Tsukiyono
        This Tamer allows you to reduce the digivolution cost of Digimon with the Beast trait.
        Use this card to support the digivolution of [Angoramon]!
        By activating this card's End of Your Turn effect, you can unsuspend a [RB1-025 Diarbbitmon] card that already attacked, and you can use [Diarbbitmon]'s effects to attack at the end of your turn, or use <Blocker> for defense!
    • Staples for this deck
      • CARD
        RB1-020 Angoramon
      • CARD
        RB1-022 SymbareAngoramon
      • CARD
        RB1-024 Lamortmon
    • Recommended deck composition
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT3-004 Minomon 1
      RB1-003 Bosamon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT10-044 Angoramon 4
      EX2-025 Terriermon 4
      RB1-020 Angoramon 4
      BT6-049 Arbormon 2
      BT10-051 SymbareAngoramon 4
      RB1-022 SymbareAngoramon 4
      BT10-054 Lamortmon 2
      BT11-054 Panjyamon 2
      RB1-024 Lamortmon 4
      RB1-025 Diarbbitmon 4
      P-090 Diarbbitmon 3
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      BT1-089 Mimi Tachikawa 2
      BT10-091 Ruli Tsukiyono 2
      BT11-091 Taiga 2
      RB1-034 Ruli Tsukiyono 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      P-038 Green Memory Boost! 3
    • Deck Strategy
    • Firstly play [RB1-020 Angoramon], then build up cards like [RB1-034 Ruli Tsukiyono] or cards with [Angoramon] in your hand in preparation for attack!
      Once you play a [RB1-034 Ruli Tsukiyono] into the battle area, you can combine it with digivolved [RB1-024 Lamortmon]'s or [RB1-025 Diarbbitmon]'s effects to suspend your opponent's Digimon.
      You can use [RB1-025 Diarbbitmon]'s End of Your Turn effect to attack and defeat suspended Digimon.
      After using [RB1-024 Lamortmon]'s inherited effect to gain <Piercing>, if you have a digivolution into [Diarbbitmon] you can also use the inherited <Piercing> to reduce your opponent's security stack!
      Use [Diarbbitmon] to take out your opponent's Digimon!

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