About BT5-022 Bulucomon, P-004 Gomamon, etc. text


The “gain 1 memory” effects on {BT5-022 Bulucomon}, {P-004 Gomamon}, and {BT2-085 Joe Kido} currently have inconsistent wordings, but all three effects should activate when an effect controlled by you or your opponent causes your opponent to trash a digivolution card during your turn. (Note that {Joe Kido} requires you to suspend it.)


For example, if your opponent trashes a digivolution card using <Digi-Burst>, or if they use the [Opponent’s Turn] effect on {BT5-111 Omnimon X Anti-body} to trash 2 of its digivolution cards, the “gain 1 memory” effects on all of the cards listed above will activate.

However, if an opponent’s digivolution card goes to the trash when their Digimon is returned to their hand or deck by an effect, or when their Digimon is deleted, the digivolution cards are not considered to have been trashed, and the effects above do not apply.

Text for effects like the ones above will be revised to be more easily understandable going forward.

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