Organized Play



Bandai Card Game Club (BCC) is the official support system for both retailers and players. Members are eligible to get various types of support.
Brick-and-mortar shops in North America and Europe (except France and Italy) are required to be an active member on BCC to host official events. Stores must register to receive prize support.
Players in North America and Europe (except Frane and Italy) are encouraged to register for a BCC ID and use it when attending official tournaments. Players need to have a BCC ID to receive one-round byes for large-scale events. Players outside North America and Europe do not need to register for a BCC ID.

When will Digimon tournaments begin?

Official Digimon tournaments will start from February 2021. Stores are encouraged to access BCC to set up their tournaments now.

Where is the link to BCC?

For Retailers
For Players

My store is not in North America or Europe. What should I do?

  • Stores in France
    Please contact Abysse Corp.
  • Stores in Italy
    Please contact Gametrade Distribution
  • Stores in Latin America
    Please contact CQOUI HOBBY
  • Stores in Australia and New Zealand
    Please contact TAK Games