3-on-3 Battle


Make a team of 3 with fellow Tamers and battle to win special prizes!

What is the 3-on-3 Battle

It’s a team event for 3-player teams, in which the members of the 2 teams pair off and battle!
There will also be individual tickets offered for those without a team.
In this case the person will be paired with other solo players upon arrival at the event.

  • ・Offline
  • ・Three-player teams
  • ・Constructed
  • ・25 minute Swiss draw matches
3-on-3 Battle Rules
Determining the winner
  • If 2 members or more win their matches, the team gets 1 victory point.
  • 1 Victory point
    ・3 wins 0 losses
    ・2 wins 1 losses
  • 0 Victory points
    ・1 wins 2 losses
    ・0 wins 3 losses


This casual event format will be held at various large events! Enjoy teaming up with your friends to win special prizes.

Finding 3-on-3 Battle

3-on-3 Battle are held alongside other events.
Click the below link to view the page with the event details.

2023 Season Dates

North America
Date November 12
Address(or Online) Pasadena Convention Center, East Green Street, Pasadena, CA, USA
Link Click here
Date December 9, 2023
Address(or Online) Monash University, Building H, Room H116 900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield East VIC 3145, Melbourne, Australia
Link Click here
Date November 18 - 19
Address(or Online) ACC Liverpool Hall C King's Dock, Port of Liverpool, Kings Dock St, Liverpool L3 4FP
Link Click here
Latin America
Date January 7
Address(or Online) WTC Mexiquense, Cto. Circunvalación Ote. 10, Cd. Satélite, 53100 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx.
Link Click here

Prize List


2-card set x3 (1 per team)

 TOP 4 

3-card set x3 (1 per team)

 Participation Prize 

3-card set x3 (1 per team)

Tournament Restriction

  • ・If a player violates the following regulations, the judge or tournament organizer may impose a penalty.
  • ・Regarding limits of cards with the same card number the limits will be per team and not per person/deck. In general, a single team can use up to 4 cards with the same card number. Restricted cards limited to 1 copy per deck will be limited to 1 copy per team, and cards like EX2-046 that specially permits up to 50 copies of that card in a deck with be limited to 50 copies of that card per team.
  • ・Please participate in a team of 3 people.
  • ・No one other than the registered members may participate in the tournament.
  • ・During a battle, only team members directly adjacent to each other may give each other advice or talk to one another.
  • ・A player can use only 1 deck during the tournament. This means decks cannot be exchanged with other team members or changed during the tournament.
  • ・Player can use a watch during the match, but other items such as cell phones, smart phones, smart watches, clocks, stopwatches, or vital bracelets cannot be used as a watch.
    *Using medical devices such as hearing aids is permitted.

The main deck has exactly 50 cards, and the Digi-Egg deck can have up to 5 cards.
A single team can use up to 4 cards with the same card number.
For cards restricted to 1 copy, a single team can only use 1 card with that card number.
For cards like EX2-046 that specially permits up to 50 copies of that card in a deck with be limited to 50 copies of that card in a single team.
All Digimon Card Game cards that are sold and distributed at least one week or more before the tournament and are not designated as banned cards may be used.

  • *Click here for information on what cards are banned or restricted.
    Please note each player will need to prepare their own tokens, memory gauges, memory markers, and play sheet and must be the only one using these items during the event.

For more detailed rules, please click below

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