Official Digimon Card Game Store Tournaments

Come join our official store tournaments with new Tournament Packs!


Stores have the flexibility to hold four 8-player events, two 16-player events, or one 32-player event.

Players are encouraged to check the event details with their local game stores prior to visiting.

Tournament Kit Contents

Mid January 2023 – April 2023

Official Tournament Pack Vol.8 x32

Winner Pack x4

  • Guideline for distributing prizes
    The following guidelines are created
    for stores to follow:
    • 1. We recommend that stores give out the participation promo prizes with product purchases that are equivalent to the cost of tournament entry. We recommend limiting this to 1 per player to be fair.
    • 2. Each kit also includes winner prizes. We recommend the store either:
      • a) randomly distribute this prize to customers who make purchases of an amount equivalent to the tournament entry. Further purchases may allow additional entries.
        We ask stores to double check their local regulations to make sure this giveaway is permitted in their state / territory.
      • b) use as store tournament prizing are allowed back in-store.
    Please consult your local game store for details.
  • We realize there is extreme uncertainty about
    when events will be able to resume during the current coronavirus pandemic.
  • Stores are independent of Bandai and should act
    in the best interests of their community, being mindful of safety of players.
  • We ask stores to only hold tournaments
    when it is safe and legal to do so.
  • Players are encouraged to check with their local game stores regarding restrictions, etc. prior to visiting.

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