Get ready to battle online in March 2021!


Premier Tournament Organizers (TOs) are pleased to offer Tamers more chances to participate and compete online in March!


These Premier TO online events allow players to safely compete with others around their region from the safety of their own homes!
All you need to participate is a webcam (1080p recommended) / mobile phone, a Discord account and your Digimon deck.
Be sure to participate for your chance to win exclusive prizes!

Online Event Date

  • Premier TOs
    North America
    Carta Magica : March 13th
    Core TCG : March 14th
    Top Cut: March 20th
    TAK Games : March 21st
  • Latin America
    Coqui Hobby : March 20th
  • Europe
    To be advised
  • Oceania
    TAK Games : March 20th


  • Online
    -Best of 3 games, 50 minute qualifying matches.
    -There will be no Top Cut matches for these events.

Prize List

    Participant Prize
    Memory Gauge x2
    Storage Box x1
    Promo Pack Vol.0 x1
    Digi-Egg Sleeves x1
    Top16 Prize
    Promo Pack Vol.0 x3
    Set of Sleeves x1
    1st place Prize
    Set of Sleeves x1
    Card case x1
    Play Mat x1
Memory Gauge
Memory Gauge
Storage Box
Storage Box
Promo Pack Vol.0.0
Promo Pack Vol.0
Digi Egg Sleeves
Digi Egg Sleeves
Set of Sleeves
Set of Sleeves
Card case
Card case
Play Mat
Play Mat