Versus Royal Knights (BT13)
Pre-Release Tournament



July 14 – July 20, 2023

Kit Contents

 Participation Prize:  
Participation Card (Espimon) x1

Versus Royal Knights Pre-Release Pack x1

  • Pre-Release Stamped cards are from Versus Royal Knights Uncommon and Rare cards.

 Winner Prize:  
Winner Pack (Psychemon) x1

How to apply for events


Please be aware that there may be date changes for the upcoming Pre-release event period.
Please be sure to confirm event dates with your local store.

  • All regions are available on TCG+.
  • Players are required to apply on TCG+ prior to the event.
  • Search event > Keyword “DIGIMON CARD GAME BT13 Pre-Release Tournament”—Please ensure to select “DIGIMON” at the top of the app.
  • It will redirect you to an external website.
  • This event will be available from June 30, 2023.

What is Bandai TCG+?

What is Bandai TCG+?
TCG+ is a one-stop application for Bandai Card Games that includes finding a store near to you,
registering for events, tournament attendance and pairings, deck building features, and statistics.

Organized Play Event Safety

Official Digimon pre-release events are
back for -Versus Royal Knights-!
Here is an update for handling prizing since situations that prevent a store from safely or legally holding the event may occur suddenly.

Stores may choose from the following two options:

Option 1: If it is safe and legal to run events within your county, state or region, as a store, you may choose to run in-store pre-release events. We ask you to provide a clean environment for players. All stores must kindly submit event reports through TCG+ so we can track store activity. You may also run the event online, but please make sure to report your results.

Option 2: If you are unable to run the event because of a certain situation you may provide promotional materials to players as a purchase incentive when a player purchases products with a cost that is equal to the value of your standard tournament entry fee. We ask you to report your events with 0 players in attendance in this situation.

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