Digimon Card Game Store Championship Round 2



Compete to become your local game store’s
champion!! Join our events for exclusive 2021 Store Championship promotional items!

North American players will play to win a finals invite to this year’s championships!

Event Date

November 13 - December 19

  • Online
    Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event
    60 minute, best of 3 game matches
Prize List
Store Championship Participant Pack x1
Store Champion Card Set x1
National Finals Invite
(For North America Only)
  • *Prizes will be the same as September's Store Championship
Store Championship Participant Pack
Store Championship Participant Pack
Store Champion Card Set
Store Champion Card Set
Important Notes:

Finals invites are not passed down if a player already holds a Final Championship invite. 16 players must attend the event for a National Finals Invite to be granted.

Important Notice for Stores
  • Please note that it is a requirement that stores must run the event using the web version of TCG Meister.
  • Stores are required to submit result report by December 26th.
Important Notice for Players in North America

It is mandatory for players to obtain a BCC ID via the following link to receive an invite.

  • Prize details are subject to change.
  • Prizing and amounts may differ depending on country or region.
  • English and Japanese prizing may differ.
  • National Finals Invites are for North America only.
  • National Finals outside of North America are Open Finals. Details to be announced.
  • National Finals details to be announced.

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