Tamer Party -THE BEGINNING- ver.2.0

Casual in-store events aimed at encouraging new Digimon Tamers to pick up the game!


What is a Tamer Party?

These special Tamer Party store events allow new players to learn all elements of the game from experienced Tamers, joining the fun of the Digimon Card Game!

Compete against fellow tamers to improve your competitive skills!
Receive exclusive prizes for participating!


The theme for Tamer Party -THE BEGINNIG- is the new movie “Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning”! To celebrate the movie’s theatrical release the card line-up for prizes at this Tamer Party is filled with characters from this movie.
Join in and celebrate with fellow Tamers!

Event date

From December 1, 2023

To Players:
  • 1. Ask game stores near you if they are holding this event.
  • 2. Attend as instructed by the store staff.
  • 3. Have fun and get a Tamer Party Pack!
    (1 per participant.)
To Stores:
  • 1. Ask your distributor to obtain Tamer Party kits.
  • 2. Decide how to hold the event and let customers know. Ex) You may set a date and time then post it on your shop’s social media. You may have no set date/time and post a notice for players to ask your staff when they want to participate.
  • 3. Each Tamer Party kit contains a set amount of card packs for the prize. Give 1 card pack from the kit to each participant.
  • * Participant = Anyone who comes to the event and plays, whether learning, or teaching.
  • * Supplies are limited so the event is only while supplies last.
  • * 1 Store = Max. 2 Kits/month
  • * 1 Kit = 8 Tamer Party Packs. (enough for 8 participants.)

Prize List

Tamer Party Pack x1

Tamer Party Pack Tamer Party Pack
  • * Cards are randomly assorted.
  • * This is a casual event which has no winner prize.

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