Tamer Party Vol.4 ~In-Store event~

Casual in-store events aimed at encouraging new Digimon Tamers to pick up the game!


Starting from February 2022, stores can host Tamer Party events to allow new players to evolve their Digimon playing skills!


These special Tamer Party store events allow new players to learn all elements of the game from experienced Tamers, joining the fun of the Digimon Card Game!

Learn how to play from existing Digimon tamers!
Compete against fellow tamers to improve your competitive skills!
Receive exclusive prizes for participating in a demonstration or game!

  • Stores may choose to hold the event in a way that best suits the store environment.
  • Event date
    February, 2022~
    At your friendly local game store.
  • Guideline for distributing prizes
    We recommend stores distribute prizes in the following ways:
    • 1.If stores are unable to run events due to Covid19 restrictions, we recommend each promotional card is given away with a product purchase equivalent to the cost of tournament entry. We recommend limiting this to 1 per player per card type to avoid disappointment.
    • 2.If stores are able to run events safely and legally within their region, we recommend players receive 1 promotional card at each Tamer Party event they attend. Attendance may include: learning how to play; teaching a new player how to play; or playing a game with other store attendees.
    Please consult your local gaming store for details.

Prize List

Tamer Party Events Promo card

Parallel designed cards from Boosters

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