Tamer Party -Special- ~In-Store event~

Casual in-store events aimed at encouraging new Digimon Tamers to pick up the game!


We are excited to announce that the Tamer Party Event Kit is Digivolving to attract more players and create an experience that is even more fun and engaging.

What is a Tamer Party?

These special Tamer Party store events allow new players to learn all elements of the game from experienced Tamers, joining the fun of the Digimon Card Game!

Learn how to play from existing Digimon tamers!
Compete against fellow tamers to improve your competitive skills!
Receive exclusive prizes for participating in a demonstration or game!


For this Tamer Party -Special- the prize cards include an exclusive Magnamon among the card types! This Magnamon has a low inclusion rate so please note that only some kits will include this card. Also, this exclusive Magnamon is randomly included in the Tamer Party Pack so if you join in you might be lucky and find it in yours!

Event date

June 2023 – while supplies last

To Players:

In general, find the event near you, then come and have fun battling casually! Everyone participating gets a Tamer Party pack as a prize.

Please be sure to check with your local game store regarding the event status, format, registration, etc.

To Stores:

There is no need to register on TCG+! Simply sign up with your distributor and you are good to go. Please also note that 1 store can get up to 2 kits/month! 1 kit contains 8 Tamer Party Packs. Stores can also choose a format, capacity, etc. that suits the store’s environment best.

Guidelines for distributing prizes.
In general, we plan for all participants to get 1 prize each at Tamer Parties. The participants include all those who come to learn to play, to teach a new player how to play, and to play against other participants.

If a store becomes unable to hold an event for various reasons but have the prizes, we offer the below as guidelines for distributing them.

  • 1. The prizes for the planned event can be used a purchase incentives. For example, give 1 prize to each customer who makes a purchase that is equivalent to the value of the event entry. We also recommend limiting it to 1 per customer to be fair.
  • 2. The prizes can also be distributed as additional prizes the next time the store is able to hold an event.

Please contact your distributor’s sale’s rep for orders, questions or further details.

Prize List

Tamer Party Pack x1

  • *Cards are randomly assorted.
  • *Magnamon is a low inclusion rate.
  • *This is a casual event which has no winner prize.

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