Winter Holiday Event

A special store tournament with a twist and welcoming to beginner players!



Join us for a special store tournament with a twist in the rules.
To welcome more new players, this tournament is specially for Starter Decks only! (ST01-ST16)
We've also prepared fantastic prizes that fit the holiday theme perfectly!

Event date

December 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

To Players:
  • 1. Find the event and apply through TCG+ or ask your local store if they are holding this event.
  • 2. Attend as instructed by the store staff.
  • 3. Have fun and get a prize for participating
    (maybe even the winner prize!)
  • *Players must use a starter deck (ST01-ST16). Purchasing a starter deck at the event is not required, but the cards in the deck used must be constructed to match one of these starter decks.
To Stores:
  • 1. Register on TCG+ to hold the event and contact your distributor to obtain the kits.
  • 2. Decide on details as necessary and inform customers of the event using a sign, social media, etc.
  • 3. Enjoy holding the event! Each kit contains prizes for a set number of participants. Give 1 participation prize to each participant.
  • *Each store can host this event 2 times during the given time period.
  • *Each kit contains enough prizes for 16 players.

Prize List

 Participation Prize:  
Participation Pack x1

 Winner Prize:  
Winner Card x1 (Special foil)

How to apply for events

  • All regions are available on TCG+.
  • Players are required to apply on TCG+ prior to the event.
  • Search event > Keyword “DIGIMON CARD GAME Winter Holiday Event”—Please ensure to select “DIGIMON” at the top of the app.
Application Period

For Stores: Until October 22, 2023
For Players: Starts November 17, 2023


Please be aware that there may be date changes for the upcoming Pre-release event period.
Please be sure to confirm event dates with your local store.

What is Bandai TCG+?

What is Bandai TCG+?
TCG+ is a one-stop application for Bandai Card Games that includes finding a store near to you,
registering for events, tournament attendance and pairings, deck building features, and statistics.

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