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522003 BT4-104 Blinding Ray
If I use this card when my security stack is empty, do I gain 2 memory?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
Yes. When your security stack is empty, you gain 2 memory.
522019 EX5-020 Crescemon
If this Digimon has 3 or more digivolution cards and I have a Digimon with the [Night Claw]/[Light Fang]/[Galaxy] trait, is the digivolution cost still reduced by 2 when digivolving this Digimon into a Digimon card in my hand?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
No, it isn't.
This card's effect reads "when this card would be [...] digivolved into," therefore the effect doesn't activate for digivolutions from this card.
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