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522004 BT5-086 Omnimon
When this card digivolves, can I activate <Blitz> first to attack, then use the "Unsuspend this Digimon" effect to unsuspend this Digimon?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
Yes. If you activate <Blitz> first, you declare the attack and suspend the Digimon at that point in time. If you then activate the "Unsuspend this Digimon" effect, you can unsuspend this Digimon itself.
When this Digimon is deleted, I activate this card's [All Turns] effect to have this Digimon remain in the battle area. Does this cause "When another Digimon is deleted" effects to activate?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
No. This card's [All Turns] effect prevents other effects from deleting this Digimon or returning it to its owner's hand or deck, so it isn't treated as being deleted by the game rules.
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