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522022 EX6-054 Lucemon: Falldown Mode
Which player gains <Recovery +1 ≪Deck≫> for this card's [On Play] [When Digivolving] effect?Jun. 28, 2024 Updated
The player that activated this effect.
What happens if this card's [On Play] [When Digivolving] effect is activated when my opponent only has a Digimon with a "this Digimon isn't affected by your opponent’s effects" effect in their battle area?Jun. 28, 2024 Updated
It can be chosen as a target for the effect, but the "if this effect didn't delete" effect will activate without your opponent's Digimon being deleted.
What does this card's "when [...] would leave the battle area" mean, exactly?Jun. 28, 2024 Updated
"When [...] would leave the battle area" refers to when this Digimon is placed in the trash, returned to the hand/deck, placed in the security stack, moved to the breeding area, or placed under another card.
When this Digimon would leave the battle area, can I use this card's [All Turns] effect to return 1 [Lucemon] from its digivolution cards or my trash to the bottom of the deck, but choose to not play 1 [Lucemon: Satan Mode] or 1 level 6 [Seven Great Demon Lords] trait Digimon card from my trash?Jun. 28, 2024 Updated
Yes, you can.
This effect reads "you may play," so if you perform the conditions specified for "by X," you may choose whether or not to activate the effect shown in text.
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