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522901 P-047 AeroVeedramon Zero
If I have 2 or fewer cards in my deck, does this Digimon’s [When Digivolving] effect activate?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
Yes, it activates.
In such cases, trash as many cards from your deck as is possible. Then, if you have a Tamer, this Digimon gets +3000 DP for the turn.
When using this card's [When Digivolving] effect to return cards from my trash to the bottom of my deck, is my opponent allowed to check what cards I am returning to my deck?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
Yes. Cards in your trash are considered public information, so please let your opponent confirm which cards you're returning to your deck before you do so.
Can I use this card's [When Digivolving] effect to return 3 non-Digi-Egg cards to the bottom of my deck but choose to not give this Digimon +2000 DP?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
No, you can't.
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