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522017 RB1-005 Gammamon
Is the [Gammamon] text in this card's inherited effect itself considered to fulfill "While this Digimon has [Gammamon] in its text" in this card's inherited effect, and then the effect activates?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
No, it doesn’t.
You can only reference the top card among stacked cards for ""XX in its text."" Therefore, this card will not be the top card when it is a digivolution card, and you can't reference its own text.
If the cards I reveal from my deck for this card's [On Play] effect include both a [Hiro Amanokawa] with [Gammamon] in its text and a non-[Hiro Amanokawa] card with [Gammamon] in its text, can I choose to only add one of them to my hand, and place the remaining cards at the bottom of my deck?Mar. 28, 2024 Updated
No. If you have cards that are targets of this effect, you must add as many cards to your hand as possible.
However, because one of the cards revealed and added to your hand is a [Hiro Amanokawa] with [Gammamon] in its text, that card fulfills ""card with [Gammamon] in its text,"" so you may just add that [Hiro Amanokawa] card to your hand and return the non-[Hiro Amanokawa] card to the bottom of your deck without adding it to your hand.
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