DIGI-SHOWDOWN season 2 is here!

DIGI-SHOWDOWN season 2 is finally here!
Don't miss the fierce and exciting
match for the $1,000 cash prize!

Find out who will win and
take home the prize money!

Streaming sequentially
from Group A! Don't miss it!



The DIGI-SHOWDOWN is a Digimon Card Game competition participated in by players and streamed online.

10 challengers, selected from public entries, will be divided into groups of five and battle online against the Champion in a one-on-one battle!

The Champion will take on their challenger, aiming to increase their own prize money.

Challengers will win cash prizes if they defeat the champion in a one-time battle!

Challenge the Champion with your strongest deck for great prizes!

Competition Format

Ten challengers will be assigned, five per champion. Each match will be played online in a Best-of-1 format. Each challenger will win $1,000 on the spot if they win their battle! If the challenger loses the battle, there is no prize money, and there is only one match, win or lose.

Competition Format

If all five Challengers win, all five will receive a bonus of $1,000--for a total of $2,000!

All five challengers can win a bonus $1,000!

For every victory the Champion has over the five challengers, the prize money increases!
Will the Champion retain their crown and claim total victory?!


Champion Prize List
5 wins $10,000
4 wins $5,000
3 wins $3,000
2 wins $2,000
1 wins $1,000
0 wins No prize

Show off your skills as a Digimon Tamer, and claim your prize!

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