Mulligan is effective on April 1, 2023!

Mulligan will be introduced to DIGIMON CARD GAME on April 1, 2023!
A detailed manual will be uploaded at a later date, but here are some simple steps to follow.

New “Setting up the Game” flow

  • 1. Shuffle your deck and Digi-Egg deck.
  • 2. Use Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who goes first and who goes second. (from here on is the new flow)
  • 3. Draw 5 cards from your deck.
  • 4. Look at your hand. You can choose to re-draw all of your cards just once.
    • If you choose to re-draw your cards, return all of your hand to your deck, shuffle it, then re-draw 5 cards.
    • If you do not choose to re-draw your cards, proceed to the next step.
  • 5. Take the top 5 cards and place them on top of your security stack.
  • 6. Start the game.

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