Starter DecksDIGIMON CARD GAME Jesmon [ST-12]

  • ©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation
  • Products are under development and the images on this website may differ from the actual product.
  • Product specifications are subject to change.
  • Release date
    October 14, 2022
  • 1 deck
    MSRP: 15.99 USD
  • Card types
    16 types
  • Rarity
    Common: 6 types
    Uncommon: 5 types
    Rare: 3 types
    Super Rare: 2 types
    Reprint Tamer card: 6 types
  • Contents
    Starter Deck (1 set of 54 cards)
    2 memory gauges
    1 Index Card
    6 Bonus Tamer Cards
  • This product is a pre-built deck and the contents of the deck are the same for all boxes.
  • This product contains multiple identical cards because of the characteristics of the product.
  • Release date may vary by region.
  • Price is a reference point intended for North America.Actual price may vary by region
This Starter Deck comes
with 6 Reprint Tamer cards as a bonus!
Download the Playsheet!

The playsheet that came with the Japanese Starter Deck is now available for download!

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