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Set combines the cards from the Japanese releases of Booster Ver. 1-3.
Buy this product and Ver.1.0 to collect all
the cards from the Japanese versions of
Booster Ver. 1-3!

  • Release date
    March 12, 2021
  • 1 pack
    MSRP: 3.99 USD
  • Card types
    152 types
  • Rarity
    Common: 64 types
    Uncommon: 40 types
    Rare: 35 types
    Super Rare: 10 types
    Secret Rare: 3 types
  • Contents
    1 Booster Pack contains
    12 cards each.
    1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.
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  • Product specifications are subject to change.
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Each box of Digimon Card Game
Release Special Booster Ver. 1.5 comes with
two special promotions!

Box Toppers

① One of 6 parallel design Digimon cards!

One of 10 alternate-design Tamer cards!

Each box comes with one random
parallel design version of a Digimon card from the main booster!

②Special Box Promotion Pack

Two cards per pack! Special Box Promotion Pack

There are six cards total, split into pairs. Each box comes with oneSpecial Box Promotion Pack, with a random pair inside!

There’s more!

Dash Pack

Dash Pack

Buy 12 packsof Special Release
Booster Ver. 1.5, and get 1 Dash Pack Ver. 1.5 as a bonus!

1 card per pack Gold Foil-Stamped Cards!

Each Dash Pack contains 1 of 5 alternate-art versions of select cards from the main booster, including a Super Rarecard!

And there’s more!

Commemorating the Special Release Booster Ver.1.5 release, an additional campaign is coming!

Special Release Memorial Pack Campaign! Special Release Memorial Pack

Buy a total of every 16 packs (12 packs + 4 more) of Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 & 1.5, and get a Special Release Memorial Pack!

Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 or Release Special Booster Ver.1.5 Receive 1 Dash Pack*Dash Pack of the Ver. purchased. & Release Special Booster Ver.1.0 or Release Special Booster Ver.1.5
  • *12 packs of Ver.1.0 + 4 packs of Ver.1.5=16 packs
    12 packs of Ver.1.5 + 4 packs of Ver.1.0=16 packs
    Either way is OK!
Receive 1 Special Release Memorial Pack in addition to Dash Pack!

Special Release Memorial Pack

1 card per pack Special Release Memorial Pack

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